Put Me On A Pedestal


Finding a tittle for this one was really tough! If you have any suggestions, let me know lol I might take it.

So I just scored my second sponsor this week and shit how amazing this is! Thank you, Ersch for taking a chance on me. I swear I’ll do my best!

Starring: Ersch – Lady Nifme Gacha Set @Fantasy Gacha Carnival:

  • Lady Nifme Gacha 01 RARE Collar
  • Lady Nifme Gacha 02 RARE Breast Decor
  • Lady Nifme Gacha 03  Bracelets (gold)
  • Lady Nifme Gacha 03  Bracelets 1 (gold)
  • Lady Nifme Gacha 07 Earrings (Autumn)
  • Lady Nifme Gacha 07 Earrings 1 (Autumn)
  • Lady Nifme Gacha 11 Ring (Autumn)
  • Lady Nifme Gacha 15 Coronet (Autumn)

Now lets talk about this AMAZING set at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival! I tried to play this machine tons of times to get that UltraRare, but totally did not regret getting all the other pieces! Each part comes with a HUD so you can customize the colors and make it fit your scenario. I decided on gold, because… oh well, I think the picture speaks for itself.

Lingerie ~ Blueberry – “Cookie” for Maitreya @Mainstore
Shoes ~ Blueberry – “Angelberry” [Shine] heels for Maitreya*
Hair ~ :::Phoenix::: – Tiana Hair [Ombre/Roots] @Collabor88 until March 8th
Nails ~ Formanails – “Ciri” for Bento Hands – MP Store

*The shoes are so gorgeous as well by the way. They were part of the Angelberry set at the Epiphany January 2017, sorry they are out of the pic 😛

Head ~ Catwa “Catya” Bento Head – MP Store
Hands ~ Vista Bento Hands + DeeTaleZ Nordic Applier – MP Store
Skin ~ DeeTaleZ – “Face Donna” Nordic Applier for Catwa Head – MP Store
Body ~ Maitreya “Lara” v3.5
Eyes ~ IKON – Charm Eyes – Rustic – MP Store

I ended up going to Cosmopolitan again to get that beautiful gazebo. I thought that for as pretty as the swing by itself looks, it needed something to be hanging from, and as it turns out, this gazebo was just perfect.


ERSCH – Lady Nifme Gacha 18 ULTRARARE Swing

GOOSE – Wheatered garden kiosk @Cosmopolitan until Feb 26th

Hope you enjoy it ❤

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