…Let the vibes slide over me ♪

Final jpeg 2kjpg

It’s been a while!

Oh boy! I can’t even remember the right stuff I need to make a blog post lol

After a much needed -almost- year long break, I had to go over a few of my life priorities and cut down on things that were making me burn out – blogging included. Once I’ve assessed my thoughts, I decided that maybe blogging non-stop was not exactly what I wanted. I realized my pictures haven’t been nearly as good as I wanted to make them and that was honestly dragging me down a lot.

I did take a few pictures a couple of times in the past months, but those are now lost in a folder somewhere in my HD. I kept telling myself I’d edit them and put it out there, but never got around to. Something about them just lack that extra X-factor I’m looking for.

The truth is that I need to brush up on all my editing techniques and try to pick up a few new things to get to the point I aspire to, and in order to do that, I will continue taking my time with taking pictures and editing them. My posts won’t be as frequent and my flickr favorites/views will suffer, but that’s a much needed sacrifice I need to make so that my creativity will come back and flow freely again.

To all the artistic photographers out there – You are all an inspiration! What you do is straight up amazing and and I admire you for always putting 100% of your soul in your work.


I was a little iffy on whether I should make this picture a proper blog post or if I should just post it on my flickr, but decided that someone out there might want to know what I’m wearing, so here it goes:

  • Truth just released Labyrinth at Anthem the beginning of the month and it is my favorite up-do currently. It goes with absolutely everything! This hair will definitely be the new ace card in your inventory – whether you want to be casual chic or full on glam look.
  • My outfit includes the Dripping in Luxury earrings, lingerie and fur coat by Moon Elixir, currently available at their mainstore. This is my new sexy go-to lingerie! I freaking L-O-V-E me some straight up glamorous jewels over my new LEGACY body and I was over the moon when I found out one of my favorite stores started supporting Legacy. This outfit also is compatible with Maitreya (ofc), Belleza Freya, V-tech and Slink Hourglass 
  • Accessories include the butterflies from the “White Doodle” set by LaGyo available at Collabor88
  • This adorable “Dahlia lip ring” by (Yummy) also available at Collabor88
  • Some glam “Want it” chocker action by ISON


09 Zoomed 6k

Once I put together this full outfit, I had now to find a background that would fit the picture I was trying to do – already dreading this part because I had no idea how long it would take me to put something together, I decided to open FOXCITY’s flickr page to check on the latest stuff they’ve put out and I literally SQUEALED when I saw the most gorgeous most PERFECT background right there on the front page!

  • Foxcity‘s Grand Entrance Photo Booth is available at the Sep round of Kustom9.

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