Hey, sweets! Thanks for checking out my page ❤

First of, let me introduce you to my Facebook and Flickr pages so we can start the bla bla bla about me lol.

I’ve been blogging for over a year now and still loving doing it! Specially if it means that I get to use an excuse to go shopping with my sisters.

I enjoy taking on new hobbies and learning new editing and photographing techniques, so I am looking forward to seeing how my blog will continue to develop. I welcome all constructive criticism and tips that you might have about my pictures, after all, compliments only take you so far 😉

I started playing Second Life in 2008 and took some long hiatus in these six years I’ve been around, but now I’m here for good and enjoying my time. You can find me under the name Mylla Collazo if you look me up on SL Search, just let me know who you are and where you got my name from 😛

I strive to only blog items I actually LOVE from my favorite stores. My main goal with this blog is spreading some fashion out there and explore my artistic side, so every outfit will be hand picked by me and you can actually see me in world wearing it :*

Now let’s all spend some money!

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