“Baby, let the games begin”

Baby, let the games begin 6k JPEG

Are You Ready For It?

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Why Do You Only Call Me When You’re High?

Why Do You Only Ever Call Me When You're High 6k JPEG

♫ Incapable of making alright decisions, and having bad ideas ♫

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Pay Your Dues

Pay Your Dues 2048

“You got to get them close like this and Bada-Bing! you blow your brains over your nice Ivy League suit”

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Spice in Malibu

Spice in Malibu 2048

Thank you, girls! Loved doing this pic ❤

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It’s Not a Hex Without Some Class

Ms. Emily 2048

Didn’t plan on this, but all the colors of this pic reminded me of my talented sister, Emily Lemton, and so I thought to dedicate this one to her ❤

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Sweet Sunlight

Snuggles 2048

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From the movies 2048

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