The Bursting Of Lights

The Bursting Of Lights 6k JPEG

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“I Want To Hold You Close As I Whisper In Your Ear…”

I want to hold you close as I whisper in your ear 6k JPEG

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Album Cover

Album Cover 6k Jpeg

Can you tell we are rappers?

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Sleepless Night

We Don't Talk Anymore 6k JPEG

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Video Delinquent

I'm back Bishes 6k JPEG

I’m back from vacation ❤ I hope everyone had an awesome break!
Also, I’m really excited to say that I’m now part of Foxy‘s Blogger team! YAY! Thank you, Liza!

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Making It Work

Making it Work 2048

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Pay Your Dues

Pay Your Dues 2048

“You got to get them close like this and Bada-Bing! you blow your brains over your nice Ivy League suit”

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