Long Ago

Long Ago Cropped 2048

I literally took this picture ages ago when Blueberry released this outfit, but I never got the actual post out – I figured it was better now than never! I’m glad I took my time to blog that, the final version of this picture turned out way better compared to what I had done to it the first time around ❤

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Do I..?

How Do I 2048.png

Powder Pack this month is just AWESOME! While you’re at it, don’t forget to stop by Tres Chic and get the new Opale hair! There’s also a new pair of Salvadori Paris shoes and an awesome dress by Justice ❤

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I Just Wanna Be Yours

I just Wanna Be Yours 2048

I was told I look like I’m waiting for a client here lol I’ll take that as a compliment

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Secret Party

Secret Party 2048

Time to go shopping, y’all! Justice, Ersch, Salvadori and Powder Pack!

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Not So Fancy

Not so fancy 2048k

New Justice Halter Top Out! Don’t forget to get your March Powder Pack and while you’re on your way there stop by at Salvadori Paris to get these amazing shoes and handbag!

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WTFeather 2048

Blow me a kiss

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